Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just remembering

Today I thought of my grandmother and sitting with her in her living room.  We were putting together a quilt that my great grandmother had made the rings for a double wedding ring quilt.  I remember her saying we are putting this together for you to have.  We should only have good thoughts when we are pieceing these quilts.  Our hands will be holding the future.  Only good thoughts should surround the people you love.  You want to sew good thoughts with your stitches. 


  1. I love this post--such a good reminder and so true. When I pick back up a project many times I can remember what I was doing when last working it. I am sure you are right about leaving feelings in your work. Your post also reminded me of crafting with my granny, who taught me to crochet.

    1. So many times over the years I have thought of her.It has been many years since I sat in front of the warm morning stove and put stitches in a guilt with my grandmother. When I think of her I remember how safe she made me feel. How much love for us went into everything she thought and did.


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