Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This is another example of my double knitting for Christmas.  My grandson's favorite color is orange and he loves Pokémon and emojis.  So this year I searched the internet and found some graphs for beadwork on Kandi to make his hat and scarves.  I also found all kinds of bead patterns on pinterest that can be worked as knitted projects....  He was so excited to see Pikachu.  The only thing is I need to check my gauge for next year he has grown so much this year.  This color combination while bright and worked with his color choices were a little much.  But I enjoyed the searching, graphing, and of course the knitting.  But especially the smile. 
These are his emoji hats.  I found the graphs for them the same way

Friday, March 3, 2017

I knitted this Star Wars scarf and hat for my grandson for Christmas 2016.  I had seen a Star Wars Scarf on Ravelry that started me thinking about making this for a Christmas present.  I used several different charts to complete this scarf.  I began with the idea from Ravelry and then started searching the web for other charts to incorporate with some of the charts from the scarf on Ravelry.  I used one from Angelfire arts/crochet.html  Then I found a Darth Vader chart on Ravelry to add to it as well

I had decided to use only portions of the original chart because I was using a heavier yarn and different size needle which made the gauge different.

He was so happy when he opened his package at Christmas!

This is a Christmas present that I finished for my grandson.  He is really into Pokémon and appreciated all the work that I put into this hat and mitts.  The hat is based on the Pokeball Hat by Sasha  I also used the same basic pattern on the mitts. 
At one point I wondered how many needles does it take to make one mitt when finishing the fingers.

 I also found that if you are staying up late you may make two mitts for the same hand.  But that was easy to fix I frogged back to the thumb and reknitted.  Not a big deal

At this point I am working on a double knit scarf for him as well that will incorporate the same Pokémon ball on the end and have Pokémon in the center.  Trying a new method of double knitting so will see how it works out. 

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