Friday, October 19, 2012

Attended a couponing class a couple of weeks ago.  This thing may work out.  It will take a little work but if I can save $20 to $25 a week that's $100 I didn't have before.  I think that I may try making the homemade detergent and dishwashing recipes I have found on the internet. We will see.  I have been knitting lots of stuff lately will be adding pics soons. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Summer is over

This summer was such a long hot season.  I think we only mowed our grass a couple of times.  It was beginning to get truly sad watching every burn up and turn brown.  Some of the corn fields actually looked like someone had set fire to them.  But today it felt like fall.  The rain was so cold.  We will probably have to turn the heat on tomorrow.  I am wondering if we have the opposite in the winter very cold and lots of snow.  The farmers have been hit so hard.  The corn not only burned up but ended up with nitrates that make it unsafe for the cattle.  The hayfields are at danger as well.  Everything was just so thirsty.

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