Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fair Time Is Here Again!

I have been working on several things for the fair this year.

The first is an scarf that is made from Unforgettable, an acrylic yarn.  It was a little fussy to work with but the colors turned out wonderful!  I had made a hat last year from the same yarn for a present for my daughter for Christmas.  This will be a present for her this year as well after the fair.  I used the icicle pattern from by Brenda Vanlerberghe
I also made a little pumpkin hat with mitts and diaper cover.  This is made from Red Heart Super Saver.  I used several different patterns to come up with this set. For the hat I used  and for the mitts I used  For the leaf on the hat and diaper cover I used   The diaper cover can be found at

The last is a shawl made from Knit Picks Essential, a superwash wool nylon blend.  The name of this pattern is Emerald Dreams Crescent Scarf The border lace was added as the shawlette was knitted.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This is another example of my double knitting for Christmas.  My grandson's favorite color is orange and he loves Pokémon and emojis.  So this year I searched the internet and found some graphs for beadwork on Kandi to make his hat and scarves.  I also found all kinds of bead patterns on pinterest that can be worked as knitted projects....  He was so excited to see Pikachu.  The only thing is I need to check my gauge for next year he has grown so much this year.  This color combination while bright and worked with his color choices were a little much.  But I enjoyed the searching, graphing, and of course the knitting.  But especially the smile. 
These are his emoji hats.  I found the graphs for them the same way

Friday, March 3, 2017

I knitted this Star Wars scarf and hat for my grandson for Christmas 2016.  I had seen a Star Wars Scarf on Ravelry that started me thinking about making this for a Christmas present.  I used several different charts to complete this scarf.  I began with the idea from Ravelry and then started searching the web for other charts to incorporate with some of the charts from the scarf on Ravelry.  I used one from Angelfire arts/crochet.html  Then I found a Darth Vader chart on Ravelry to add to it as well

I had decided to use only portions of the original chart because I was using a heavier yarn and different size needle which made the gauge different.

He was so happy when he opened his package at Christmas!

This is a Christmas present that I finished for my grandson.  He is really into Pokémon and appreciated all the work that I put into this hat and mitts.  The hat is based on the Pokeball Hat by Sasha  I also used the same basic pattern on the mitts. 
At one point I wondered how many needles does it take to make one mitt when finishing the fingers.

 I also found that if you are staying up late you may make two mitts for the same hand.  But that was easy to fix I frogged back to the thumb and reknitted.  Not a big deal

At this point I am working on a double knit scarf for him as well that will incorporate the same Pokémon ball on the end and have Pokémon in the center.  Trying a new method of double knitting so will see how it works out. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Dr Who Scarf complete

I made this Dr Who scarf for a family member.  I had over 60 hours of just knitting in the finished product.  I am waiting to see pics of the wearer once the weather gets cold enough.   I knitted this using Red Heart Super Saver yarn.  I know that I could have picked a high end wool but when I am knitting for something to be worn by everyday and to be washed quite often I prefer the acrylic yarn.
Full view of scarf
At the request of a family member I found this pattern on Ravelry and completed for a birthday present for her daughter.  Once they received the package, her mother was so excited she couldn't wait for the birthday to open the box and gift it to her daughter.  They were very pleased with the scarf.  I used a tubular cast on to start the project. Then Kitchener stitch to bind off.  I have since found another idea for double knitting and am working on a Pokémon scarf for my grandson

Friday, September 16, 2016

A Shawl for new member of the family

I made this shawl for a new member of our family.  It was getting close to the wedding date when I decided that maybe I needed to make something special to welcome the bride into our family.  This is the Uhura shawl found on Ravelry.  I added tons of beads.  At one point during the making of the shawl, a box of beads hit the floor so it was like 52 pickup except with 500 beads.  But the end result made me happy.  She was very happy to receive the gift as well.  I also made her a pair of barefoot sandals by Chandi once I heard that she was going to be barefoot for the wedding.
This is the shawl being blocked. 
I did enjoy making this shawl and it actually made up very quickly. You can see the barefoot sandals in the collage.  I also added beads to the sandal pattern.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Dr Who Scarf started

I am working on a Doctor Who Scarf. It is a double knit pattern from the Nerdy Knitter.  I only have the first pattern done.  This is to be a birthday present.    The other side is white with blue. 

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