Thursday, August 21, 2014

Live, Love, Laugh

Our family recently lost a very special person.  When I looked around her home I saw these words in so many places.  Live, Love, Laugh.......
She was so cherished by so many.  She touched so many lives.  A very bright light went out.
If there is one thing that comes from her passing, I hope that we all realize how quickly even the brightest light can be extinguished.  
When I walked into her home for the first time I felt how empty it was.  I  kept listening for her footstep, her quick wit, her beautiful smile, her warmth.  My heart broke for her husband and her children.  I felt devastated and alone.
But by the time we were leaving, I could feel her there still loving all of us.  She had finally released her love to come showering back over us.  She will still be in so many places.  And we do need to follow her advice of Live, Love, Laugh.  We need to remember the good times.  Keep her memory alive and let the soft, gentle light be a reminder that she may be gone but she is still loving us.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The passing of our friend

You know it is always so sad.  In all reality we are going to out live our pets.  Our Sadie had been with us for 12 years and we finally had to let her go.  She fought a valiant fight but it was truly time.  At times she was an interesting character.  She was definitely an ALPHA-FEMALE.  She didn't back down from anyone.  But that at times made it difficult to handle her in the home.  At the same time she was very loyal.  I always knew when I was at home or the children were at home she would stand between us and the world.  They would have to take her out to get past her.  But with her temperament life was sometimes interesting.  She cleaned out roasting pans.  You didn't dare leave rising bread where she get to it.  Her favorite thing is the morning was to play keep away with my socks when I was trying to get ready for work. 

It was sad to watch the once powerful and in control dog slowly lose herself.  But up until the very last day she laid in her spot where she see both the front and back doors and guard the basement door.   We will miss her.  But sometimes you have to make hard choices in life and once we were sure there was no way to stop her pain and that she was in constant pain we had to make the choice.

  Rest in peace my friend,
My confidant,
My protector,
At times my nemesis,
No one could clean a roasting pan like you,
Or the grandkids' plates faster
When you were a puppy,
Your favorite game was played regularly
Keep away....with my socks.
You were known by many names
Erminator, JoJo, Devil Dog, and I am sure much more
But you were our protector,
Our friend,
At times, Alpha Female of the family,
You had an "I don't think so" attitude
And you didn't mind letting people see it.
Be at peace now JoJo,
Chase those cats and footballs.
I hope someone has the water hose on
And you are jumping and barking.
We will miss you.

Monday, June 23, 2014

In progress shawl

This is a shawl that I have been working on.  It has kind of been moved to the back burner because I have been working on a cross stitch picture of my grandson but soon I will be deli gently working on my knitting projects again.

Raining again

I know that the rain is good for the tomatoes and It means no watering to do tonight.  But we have had so much rain.  Just enough sunshine to make the grass grow overnight.  But not enough dry weather to get the yard completely mowed.

But hopefully all this rain will mean the summer will not be as hot and dry.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Thought for today

It has become a struggle to keep my mind on what is important and how to rid myself of past anger.  I have to remember not to let folks stir up old angers and hurts.  It brings it right back to the present and that is not neccessary.

I have found that if you keep bringing up the old, bad memories it allows the bad to take control of your life and ruins what is good today.

There are times to walk away from what has hurt, angered, stressed you.  There are times to walk away from folks who have lied to you, used you and essentially left you holding the bag so to speak.  That is the time to straighten your shoulders and walk away from it.  Sometimes remembering old angers can rob you of what might be a wonderful experience.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Getting Settled At Home

I am still getting into the process of being at home.  That is not having to get up and make the trek to work everyday and spend my day sitting behind a desk.  I have started working on organizing my yarn and material which by the way I have just about decided my stash will never be used up but I hope to be making a dent in all of it soon.

I also decided this week that my flower beds and the honeysuckle needed to part ways.  So I have been pulling, tugging,clipping away until the honeysuckle decided to bloom now i will have to slow down.  Allergies got to me this week.  But the blooming will be done and I can get back at it again.  Our yard smells like a perfume factory.  I don't mind a little honeysuckle but when it gets to the point that you cutting stems as large as small tree branches to get it out of your roses that is bad.

I also made several trips to town to take care of our on the cat for some odd condition he has with his salivary glands and the annual on my gosh Petey's hotspot has turned into a HOTSPOT!!!!!  Both seem to be doing fine now.

I have been playing with ideas for knitting designs and more cross stitch designs.  As soon as I get the picture done of my grandson I will be clicking knitting needles and coming up with some designs for my  Etsy shop.  It is really time to move on to the next chapter of my story.  Of course, I will be spending more time with my grandchildren which over the summer will interfere some but that is the plus side of being a grandmother.

The picture of my grandson is coming along.  I want to get it done so I can hang it on the wall.  I have one of my other grandson but i don't want to hang his until I have the younger one done as well.  I have already picked the spots for them to hang in.

I will be posting pictures soon.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Working on cross stitch picture

I have been working on my second picture of my grandchildren. We are so blessed to have them both with us. Both of them has had their struggles starting right from the moment of birth, but we have been lucky that they have overcome their slow beginnings. I can remember this little guy in the nicu with tubes and oxygen. He was such a tiny little thing and he looked like a porcelain doll. He was born with CHD and later developed childhood epilepsy. But he is such a bright little boy. He talks constantly and greets each day with a smile. Soon we will find out if he has outgrown the epilepsy. He had to struggle and for some folks it was hard to understand the danger he was in and how he could not be exposed to cigarette smoke, perfumes, candles and just the night air. But he has managed through it all.

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