Friday, September 16, 2016

A Shawl for new member of the family

I made this shawl for a new member of our family.  It was getting close to the wedding date when I decided that maybe I needed to make something special to welcome the bride into our family.  This is the Uhura shawl found on Ravelry.  I added tons of beads.  At one point during the making of the shawl, a box of beads hit the floor so it was like 52 pickup except with 500 beads.  But the end result made me happy.  She was very happy to receive the gift as well.  I also made her a pair of barefoot sandals by Chandi once I heard that she was going to be barefoot for the wedding.
This is the shawl being blocked. 
I did enjoy making this shawl and it actually made up very quickly. You can see the barefoot sandals in the collage.  I also added beads to the sandal pattern.

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