Friday, May 24, 2013

knock out roses are blooming

My knock out roses are blooming!

Tomorrow we are going to get the dirt and refresh our raised beds for our vegetables.  I am hoping that we will at least have tomatoes, cucumbers and zuchini.  I plan on making my own sweet relish this year.  I make it out of cucumbers, green peppers and onions.  It is much better than store bought relish.

I plan on raising my own herbs this summer.  May break out the dehyrdrater this summer to put up my own herbs for the winter.  Will see how it all works out.

Last year was so dry here that hardly any of our tomato plants made anything.  Maybe it will be better this year.  I think that I will add a soaker hose to the raised beds for easier morning watering.

Shawl is finished and is on Etsy

I have the Haruni Shawl completed and have put it in my Etsy Shop.  I really liked making this shawl.  Will probably make more as time goes on.  Right now, I am working on a little knit sundress that should be finished this weekend and I will be blocking a smaller version of the Haruni Shawl that would is more shawlette or would work for a child.  I plan on starting a design for a summer dress for a little girl with a bolero jacket this weekend as well. 
This weekend though we are also working on getting yard work done.  We filled our raised beds with dirt yesterday and planted tomatoes and cucumbers.  I want to add marigolds around the outside to hopefully help keep bugs and cats at bay.  So we will see. 

The grandkids are supposed to be coming for a visit today as well so that may slow things down just a tad.  But it is all good.  They bring a true spark to life around here when they show up.  Two very busy little boys. 

This morning I plan on getting some monkey bread in the oven which reminds me I had better get off here and get it started or that will be another project that has to be put off til tomorrow.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Meager beginnings for a small shop

I love to work with fiber whether it be knitting, sewing, cross stitch, crocheting.  I learned at an early age how calming it is to watch the story that fiber has to tell progress..  
I learned the art and the functionality of working with fiber from some many family members.  It was always impressed upon me to not only make the useful garments, quilts, afghans and the wallhangings but to work the love and hope into them as well.  I can even remember hearing my grandmother say : "In years to come, it will be like I am holding you." 
For many years it has been a desire to follow my true passion which it is to work with fiber.
I have started with opening my Etsy shop with some of the articles I have completed.  I will also be venturing into creating my own knit designs and cross stitch designs.

Why I picked Somerset Stitchery for my Etsy Shop

I was just thinking about why I named my shop Somerset Stitchery.  Somerset was one of my most favorite places to visit when I was a child.  Both my parents loved the place too.  It has been many, many years since I have been there.  But I can still smell the honeysuckle blooming on a warm summer's night.  I was also so happy to go it meant a time to visit with Aunt Lilly.  I remember sitting out on the warm nights, watching the stars in the sky.  Whenever I catch the scent of honeysuckle and pipe tobacco it takes me back.  So I wanted to name my shop for a place that holds lots of good memories and feelings.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Finally framed and ready to be on wall

I have him finished.  Lots and lots of little stitches
to fill the pattern out.  Will be starting another one of your other grandson soon. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

baby sandals

Someone asked me the other day if I could make some of the crocheted baby sandals that has been posted on facebook.  I looked in my old patterns because years ago i made such things as Mary Jane Shoes, roller skates etc  But they must be in a box in the attic.  Which means who knows where they are.  Once they are in the attic it becomes a complete guessing game of where you may find the one box you are looking for.  No rhyme or reason happens in our cubbyhole attics.

But I did find this pattern on Etsy and so this is my first pair.  not completely finished yet.  I made them in nuetral colors.  I really think the flowers and straps need to be more spring colors.  But this is my first try.

I need to add buttons for the straps. 

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