Sunday, May 5, 2013

baby sandals

Someone asked me the other day if I could make some of the crocheted baby sandals that has been posted on facebook.  I looked in my old patterns because years ago i made such things as Mary Jane Shoes, roller skates etc  But they must be in a box in the attic.  Which means who knows where they are.  Once they are in the attic it becomes a complete guessing game of where you may find the one box you are looking for.  No rhyme or reason happens in our cubbyhole attics.

But I did find this pattern on Etsy and so this is my first pair.  not completely finished yet.  I made them in nuetral colors.  I really think the flowers and straps need to be more spring colors.  But this is my first try.

I need to add buttons for the straps. 

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