Friday, May 24, 2013

Shawl is finished and is on Etsy

I have the Haruni Shawl completed and have put it in my Etsy Shop.  I really liked making this shawl.  Will probably make more as time goes on.  Right now, I am working on a little knit sundress that should be finished this weekend and I will be blocking a smaller version of the Haruni Shawl that would is more shawlette or would work for a child.  I plan on starting a design for a summer dress for a little girl with a bolero jacket this weekend as well. 
This weekend though we are also working on getting yard work done.  We filled our raised beds with dirt yesterday and planted tomatoes and cucumbers.  I want to add marigolds around the outside to hopefully help keep bugs and cats at bay.  So we will see. 

The grandkids are supposed to be coming for a visit today as well so that may slow things down just a tad.  But it is all good.  They bring a true spark to life around here when they show up.  Two very busy little boys. 

This morning I plan on getting some monkey bread in the oven which reminds me I had better get off here and get it started or that will be another project that has to be put off til tomorrow.

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