Monday, August 25, 2014

Baby set work in progress

 This is a small baby set that I am working on.  I have started the hat and still have the booties to make to go along with it.  Since it is a newborn size I will probably use the stitch pattern to design a pair of baby mitts to go with.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Green Shawl

This is a shawl that I finished recently.  I was going to add to a small shop in one of our local stores.  This is the first shawl that I have designed.  I had found the shell pattern in a pattern book and added it to the design.

This is when it was a work in progress. 
As you can see there is a slight variation of color.  I had accidently picked up a different shade from the bin at the local store.  But it did work out.  It was a slightly deeper shade of the soft green.
This is the leaf edge stitch that I added to the live stitches to finish the shawl and this is the first time that I had used this type of finishing.  The little lump sitting on the middle of the shawl is a little rabbit that I made for my grandson out of the yarn that was used to knit this shawl.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Live, Love, Laugh

Our family recently lost a very special person.  When I looked around her home I saw these words in so many places.  Live, Love, Laugh.......

She was so cherished by so many.  She touched so many lives.  A very bright light went out.
If there is one thing that comes from her passing, I hope that we all realize how quickly even the brightest light can be extinguished.
When I walked into her home for the first time I felt how empty it was.  I  kept listening for her footstep, her quick wit, her beautiful smile, her warmth.  My heart broke for her husband and her children.  I felt devastated and alone.

But by the time we were leaving, I could feel her there still loving all of us.  She had finally released her love to come showering back over us.  She will still be in so many places.

We do need to follow her advice of Live, Love, Laugh.  We need to remember the good times.  Keep her memory alive and let the soft, gentle light be a reminder that she may be gone but she is still loving us.

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