Wednesday, August 7, 2013

singin bells stole

I have been working on this project for a friend of mine.  She will be getting married soon.  I have made it from my stash of lace weight Missouri wool.  I found the pattern on the internet it is by Patusha.  The ends of the stole resemble wedding bells.  But my friend says they remind her of a cup that is used in Jewish ceremonies which at this time I cannot remember the name.  This should make it an even more memorable gift once it is completed.  I will be posting more pics once it is completed  and once I find out for sure the name of the cup she feels is represented in this pattern.

I truly hope that the stitches I have placed in this stole hold her happiness together.  Helps to contain their love for each other.  I want to see her happy as she should be.  No stress, only smiles from now on.

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