Sunday, May 25, 2014

Getting Settled At Home

I am still getting into the process of being at home.  That is not having to get up and make the trek to work everyday and spend my day sitting behind a desk.  I have started working on organizing my yarn and material which by the way I have just about decided my stash will never be used up but I hope to be making a dent in all of it soon.

I also decided this week that my flower beds and the honeysuckle needed to part ways.  So I have been pulling, tugging,clipping away until the honeysuckle decided to bloom now i will have to slow down.  Allergies got to me this week.  But the blooming will be done and I can get back at it again.  Our yard smells like a perfume factory.  I don't mind a little honeysuckle but when it gets to the point that you cutting stems as large as small tree branches to get it out of your roses that is bad.

I also made several trips to town to take care of our on the cat for some odd condition he has with his salivary glands and the annual on my gosh Petey's hotspot has turned into a HOTSPOT!!!!!  Both seem to be doing fine now.

I have been playing with ideas for knitting designs and more cross stitch designs.  As soon as I get the picture done of my grandson I will be clicking knitting needles and coming up with some designs for my  Etsy shop.  It is really time to move on to the next chapter of my story.  Of course, I will be spending more time with my grandchildren which over the summer will interfere some but that is the plus side of being a grandmother.

The picture of my grandson is coming along.  I want to get it done so I can hang it on the wall.  I have one of my other grandson but i don't want to hang his until I have the younger one done as well.  I have already picked the spots for them to hang in.

I will be posting pictures soon.

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