Saturday, July 5, 2014

The passing of our friend

You know it is always so sad.  In all reality we are going to out live our pets.  Our Sadie had been with us for 12 years and we finally had to let her go.  She fought a valiant fight but it was truly time.  At times she was an interesting character.  She was definitely an ALPHA-FEMALE.  She didn't back down from anyone.  But that at times made it difficult to handle her in the home.  At the same time she was very loyal.  I always knew when I was at home or the children were at home she would stand between us and the world.  They would have to take her out to get past her.  But with her temperament life was sometimes interesting.  She cleaned out roasting pans.  You didn't dare leave rising bread where she get to it.  Her favorite thing is the morning was to play keep away with my socks when I was trying to get ready for work.

It was sad to watch the once powerful and in control dog slowly lose herself.  But up until the very last day she laid in her spot where she see both the front and back doors and guard the basement door.   We will miss her.  But sometimes you have to make hard choices in life and once we were sure there was no way to stop her pain and that she was in constant pain we had to make the choice.

  Rest in peace my friend,
My confidant,
My protector,
At times my nemesis,
No one could clean a roasting pan like you,
Or the grandkids' plates faster
When you were a puppy,
Your favorite game was played regularly
Keep away....with my socks.
You were known by many names
Erminator, JoJo, Devil Dog, and I am sure much more
But you were our protector,
Our friend,
At times, Alpha Female of the family,
You had an "I don't think so" attitude
And you didn't mind letting people see it.
Be at peace now JoJo,
Chase those cats and footballs.
I hope someone has the water hose on
And you are jumping and barking.
We will miss you.

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