Sunday, April 7, 2013

So the battery is getting low and it is time to turn everything off. Plug into the electric outlet. Have a few hours rest and start in again tomorrow. Today I spent most of the day doing what I love to do. Being with my best friend(my husband), working outside sitting things a little straight and knitting. Hopefully tomorrow it won't rain so I can accomplish more. The flower beds are in real need of care. But if it does rain. I can spend the day taking pictures Maybe get a guilt in the frame or perhaps get my cross stitch frame ready to start a picture of my grandson. I have one completed of my oldest grandson so I need to want to get the other one done. They will hang on our wall until the day comes that they are bequested to my daughter. So it will be goodnight for now. I will try to make it a habit to visit at least weekly.

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