Tuesday, April 9, 2013

When I was younger

I can remember sitting with my grandmother putting puzzles together, making quilts, whatever we happened to be doing that day. I would be wishing that this or that would hurry and happen. She would say Honey, you are wishing your life away. The older I get the faster time flies. I can remember when I was growing up summers seemed to last forever. Even when my children were at home and in school, summer vacations seemed to stretch forever. Now suddenly it is May and then it is December. The days just seem to pass in such a flurry. My Aunt Ruthie used to tell me when she was in her 80's that the older you get the faster time goes. I didn't believe her but I am finding that to be true. It just seemed people had more time when I was child. More time to just watch the clouds all day,to watch ants build a home, to listen to what the trees had to say. It is so different now. While I wonder and appreciate all the technology, what happened to the just sitting and listening to the birds. To not here all the click, click of keyboards. To realize that people were more important than what was on tv, it would have been unacceptable to sit at a family gathering and text friends. It just would not have been done. Parents took the time to actually listen to what their children were saying. Not just what was put into words but what was being said inside the heart that wouldn't come out in their voices. People had more connection not just in words but in what wasn't said. People had more honor in their dealings with each other. I know there had to be folks who were into politics and using those for personal gain. There have always been politicians. But the majority of the folks knew right from wrong. Knew better than to hurt to get what you want in life. There just seemed to be more honesty and integrety. Now everything seems to be a game how can I play the board just right to win. The ones who always seem to get hurt the most are the ones who try to play by the rules they grew up with. Do you ever just wish the world would stop for a couple of days. People really look at what they are doing and what the result it going to be.

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